We encourage the users of iMarmot database to share their own data with us. Generally, four types of data, including biological information, clone sequence, microarray and raw sequence data, are accepted. The users could contact us at . Please refer to the restrictions below on the file formats and sizes of each data type.

Biological information: physiology and biochemical data, photos or videos of marmot species. An instruction text along with the photos and videos would be given to indicate the marmot species, age, locus, etc. The physiology and biochemical data should be given in format of world or excel.

Clone sequence: BAC clone sequences of marmots in fasta format are needed to correct the genome assemble errors.

Raw microarray data: Please refer to the link: for the accepted raw microarray file formats. For large data size, please contact us at

Raw sequence data: RNA-seq and whole genome sequence data should be in fastq format. Please contact us at for transferring large volume of raw sequence data.